Dr. Jacob S. Hopson, Sr. was born to Pastor James Woodson of Greensboro, NC and Pastor Gwendolyn Hopson of Greenville SC.  Pastor Hopson matriculated through the Hampton City Public School system graduating with Honors.  He is also a proud member of the United States Air Force - Reserve Unit. Among his other incredible accomplishments, in June 2011, Pastor Hopson received his Doctorate in Theology, from Liberty University and is currently pursuing another Doctorate in Religious Studies. Through the great blessings and favor of God, Pastor Hopson has a beautiful wife Michelle and 4 amazing children; Jacob Jr., Destine`, Ciarra, and Israel.  Dr. Hopson has many incredible accomplishments.  He holds a Doctoral degree in Theology, and is currently pursuing an additional Doctoral degree in Religious Studies from St. Leo’s University. In addition, Dr. Hopson’s life directing instructions are extremely sought after from regions all over the world!  His gift has touched the lives of many individuals, from Yoido in South Korea, South West Asia, Dominican Republic and Cancun, Mexico to name a few. Dr. Hopson’s thorough knowledge of Biblical Principles as well as his unique hands on approach with assisting others with meeting their destiny has been proven by hundreds over the years.  Character and integrity go before him to validate him as an entrusted mentor and instructor to many. He teaches that "you have to be the conduit that God uses to get something started and then allows those He sends to lead and carry on the vision!" Ultimately, Dr. Hopson inspires people to attract the life that fulfills destiny and demands consistent joy! Even though Dr. Hopson is extremely talented, he understands that his purpose rests in leading people, from all walks in life to achieve balance and excellence in every area of their lives. Dr. Hopson is incredibly anointed to play the organ, keyboards and drums skillfully as well as a prophetic psalmist and songwriter.  He has been blessed to sing behind some of the greatest Gospel voices there is. Dr. Hopson has also been named as the pioneer to male praise dancing in the VA area. However, extremely talented he is, his calling rests in that people are saved through the gospel ministry and through the equipping of leaders in ministry for international service. He lives by a principle that God gave him in personal study time which is “Excellence in Preparation + Excellence in Operation = Power in Demonstration!”





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